We understand that a wedding dress fitting can be quite a new and perhaps daunting experience for most, we are here to help guide you through it all - making it as easy and seamless as possible, as well as answering any alteration and tailoring questions you may have.

  • Fittings
    •  Come see us for a fitting in London! We want to make sure the fit of our carefully selected pieces look flawless on you. The Loop have partnered with some of the most prestigious tailors in London to help bring your outfit to life. It is so important that expert tailoring keeps you feeling comfortable and looking yourself all day and into the night.
    • Whether a small nip and tuck or a major overhaul, our tailors are fashion focussed and will help get the fit exactly right, so you can feel confident in your purchase. All our appointments take place in an easy, informal setting helping you relax into the creative process and enjoy the experience.
  • Personalisation and Customisation
    • Whether we add embroidery, initials, crystals, embellished belts, bold ribbons, feather trims, recycled sequin gloves – we have lots of tricks up our sleeve to give the outfit a little something extra to make it even more special and personal to you.
  • How many fittings will be required? Costs? How long will it take?
    • Each customer is different, let’s talk it through in person or over the phone to give you a better idea. But in every case, we want to make things as transparent and cost effective as possible. 
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