Our Mission

Our mission at The Loop is to be thoughtful, mindful and responsible at all levels of operation.

We are obsessed with luxury, design and craftsmanship; paying careful attention to the intricate materials used to build the garment, whilst acknowledging and respecting the people who have cultivated and created them too. 

The Loop sets out to amplify the belief, that considering the finite resources needed to create luxury clothing, more thought should be given to its lifecycle thereafter. Our mission is to inspire brides to adopt this mindset too. Sourcing a dress for your wedding day is an incredibly exciting process and looking at vintage or second-hand option is fast becoming part of this journey. No less new and no less special, sourcing a preowned piece is simply an opportunity to consciously extend an item’s story and build on its value, rather than take it away.

As an increasing number of women search for outfits to meet a variety of occasions, we feel traditional bridal wear can sometimes feel outdated or inflexible. We hope that The Loop provides a personal, trusted shopping experience that houses beautiful luxury preowned pieces, that cater to women who are after something that feels practical, versatile and responsible as well.

We, as Grace & Gadsby, try in our day to day lives to be more thoughtful and considerate of the planet we live on and bring all these considerations, learnings and ideas to The Loop. From our packaging, to our shipping, to our dry cleaning – we want to be as sustainably-lead as possible. We may fall short initially, in fact we likely will, but we are here to grow and nurture these well-intentioned concepts, and importantly share them with you too.

Connecting and building a community of conscious dressers is the aim, we hope you join us for the ride.


G&G x