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Looking to sell your preloved luxury pieces to us? Or need helping sourcing a preloved item?

The Loop is about connecting a community of conscious dressers. If you think you have something for us to sell, we’d love to see it. Or if you are looking for something more specific for your day, get in touch. Let’s start the conversation anyway…. 

Get in touch via email here:

Would you like to set up an appointment to try something on?

Would you like a fitting? To have a tailor present? Guidance on some personalisation / customisation services?

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Or call us: +447834337808 / +447791098483

Address: London

We cannot wait to collaborate with you.

The Loop x

Returns Policy

Here at The Loop, we like to try out new ways of working and try to do things a little differently. Through our research, we found brides are keen to explore the second hand route, but understandably feel that parting with a chunk of money on a no-return basis is a little risky, therefore we do not offer a straightforward returns policy. 

We are, however willing to be flexible, please email us and we can work around it.


We are a small, flexible and transparent company composed of just two. We want to make ourselves as amenable as possible for you to try the clothes you like on our site – so we can come to you or you to us, if that makes you more confident with your purchase.

Get in touch if you would prefer an appointment!

You can also let us know if you’d like a tailor to come along as well.

These pieces are one-offs, treasures, gems, sourced with care and with a meticulous idea of style in mind – so pretty please we ask that for appointments, you are wearing absolutely no make-up, no fake tan, no rings, no jewellery, no sharp nails – just the squeaky-clean beautiful versions of yourselves!


All of the products we sell on The Loop have gone through rigorous checks to make sure you are shopping the genuine article. Everything we sell from either the stock we source or those items from our brand partnerships is authentic, checked and true to form. This is of absolute certainty; you have our word.


Here at The Loop, we make it our mission to select a very personalised and curated edit of bridal wear that we adore for you. Our pieces are preloved, vintage and some are samples and sourced from all over the world (although we really try to keep it as local as possible of course!).

We believe in the sustainable system of circularity; keeping clothes in use for longer, we believe a product should be used and loved more than just once, we believe that the finite resources it takes to make a dress should therefore match the times it gets worn.

So, our policy is to source and sell quality pieces that feel box fresh and seem as good as new, however some items may have been worn with some lovin’ and so may appear otherwise.

We will always be as transparent as possible in the description box about the condition of the item and please don’t hesitate to tell us if you think our measure of quality doesn’t match up to yours – we are here to learn, grow, be open and to try and make you as happy as possible. If we fall short on that, you have to tell us.

Get in touch if you have anything further to enquire about here. 



Our sizing is based on the given labelling we have on each of our products. If you felt the size didn’t match up to your expectations, please tell us, we are bound to get it wrong. Getting the sizing and the fit completely right is the most challenging part and that is why we have our wonderful tailors to hand who can help to get this right for you. So, if you wanted to find out more about this service, please get in touch with us. Our tailoring, customising and personalising service is what we love about what we offer at The Loop.

Size Range

We are working on having a diverse range of sizing on our site, but as we are a small team with only a limited number of hands and hours to source all these special dresses, shoot them, and put them on the site, we may be falling short on providing a range of sizes for all at all times. However, as we grow, we aim to cater to everyone and anyone, we want to encourage everyone to get involved in the preloved luxury bridal wear business. Connecting a community of conscious dressers is the aim, we hope you all want to join in.


Like with anything at The Loop, our mission is to be as thoughtful, mindful and responsible at every level of operation. Therefore in regards to the use of packaging, here is what we do to try to do minimise single use, and reuse and recycle materials as much as possible whilst still providing our customers with some form of luxurious exciting box opening experience. After all, that is half the fun. 

We will always try to reuse the original packaging we are sent our sourced items in. We may add further packaging in the form of plastic garment bags and /or recycled tissue paper if we feel the item needs it in order to keep it safe - let's not forget, most of the items we stock are immaculately white and so we are incredibly careful to keep them that way!

We are a small business, but as we grow we aim to partner with innovative packaging companies who produce recycled, biodegradable and robust materials, so we can champion an even more streamlined, slick and circular system at The Loop.

If you are local, we can always arrange a hand delivery or collection, which solves all packaging issues anyway. 

Thank you,

The Loop